DIY Amigurumi Amigurumi tail construction (AMIGIMUMI TAVŞAN – CHAPTER 7)


In Chapter 7 of Amigurumi Rabbit Making, tail construction from cheerleaders takes place.

Other Sections:
Amigurumi Rabbit Head Making (Amigurumi Rabbit / Part 1):
Amigurumi Rabbit Ear Making (Amigurumi Rabbit – Part 2):
Amigurumi Body Construction (AMİGURUMİ TAVŞAN – Part 3):
Amigurumi Arm Construction (AMİGURUMİ TAVŞAN – PART 4):
Amigurumi Foot Construction (AMİGURUMİ TAVŞAN – PART 5):
Amigurumi Carrot Production (AMİGURUMİ TAVŞAN – PART 6):

Materials Used for Making Amigurumi Rabbits;
 Medium-thickness blue, white, purple-colored wool were used for rabbits, orange and green were used for carrots.
1.75 mm crochet
Bonding beads and glue (for eye)
Thick sewing needle
Carton (for Pompom tail)

Amigurumi Tortoise Preparation:
Amigurumi Hearted Teddy Bear Making (DIY Crochet Teddy Bear):

Amigurumi Mini Heart Made (Small Heart Amigurumi):

All sound effects: Youtube Audio Library Amigurumi for Beginners

Amigurumi tail construction (AMIGIMUMI TAVŞAN - CHAPTER 7)

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