DIY Amigurumi Amigurumi Doll – Recipe Amigurumi Doll – Step by Step Amigurumi Doll


Amigurumi Doll – Amigurumi Recipe Doll – Step by Step Amigurumi Doll

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* Amigurumi doll

It is a Japanese technique for creating small dolls made of crochet or knitting. Despite the popularity of stuffed animals and dolls, the technique is also used for objects such as household items and anthropomorphic food.


The creation of amigurumi doll, although ancient custom [carece de fontes], resurfaced in Japan only in the 1980s following the market that focused on young girls flooding shelves with products like the Hello Kitty doll [nota 1]. Soon the desire for sweet-looking toys and objects, like the doll's, created enough demand to motivate large female magazines to publish step-by-step recipes for how to create amigurumis. The practice became popular and on January 10, 2002 the Japanese Amigurumi Doll Association was created [nota 2], the technique already had several step-by-step books and magazines available in Japanese. With the popularization of Japanese culture around the world, amigurumi has also become known in other countries, mainly through forums and blogs where recipes are often created and distributed for free.

* Technique

The amigurumi is made up of geometric shapes, usually with a ball-shaped head and trunk and cylindrical limbs. The body emphasizes large eyes and head with medium trunk and disproportionately small limbs. Heads may or may not contain noses and mouths, with a wide variety of materials that can be used for the eyes. The sizes of a ready-made amigurumi mostly range from 10 to 30cm, joints made of wire are widely used so that the doll can hold in specific positions.

The crochet amirugumi is made with medium wool and 4mm needle. Despite the multitude of techniques, the prevailing one is the use of low allied to the magic ring that avoids the hole near the center of the sphere, invisible decreases known as invisible decrease are used to maintain the consistency of the point preventing the filling from leaking.


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Amigurumi Doll - Recipe Amigurumi Doll - Step by Step Amigurumi Doll

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