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Amigurumi Course

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Having trouble finding Charts?
We have more than 500 AMIGURUMI graphics
in Portuguese!
Graphics and Recipes all very well organized, in a few steps you will already be making your amigurumi

Every 10th of each month a lottery will be held for those who buy the graphics package
08 Amigurumi Recipes Physics with Recipes +
Crochet Needle Kit
When you make your purchase, you will immediately receive an email with all the instructions to apply for the Amigurumi Kit
Do not miss this opportunity to GET HAPPY 08 handouts delivered to your home + a crochet needle kit.

The best challenge for those who want to lose weight very quickly and change their lives with direct follow-up via whatsapp

Hello, how are you? My name is John and in the next few minutes I'll tell you the secret that made me leave scratch and learn how to make amigurumis

Are you tired of spending hours and hours looking for amigurumi graphics and do not you think, and when you think they are only in English?

I wasted a good deal of my time looking for charts to try to make amigurumi and never found

It was then that in a publication of the Easy Craft page on facebook, I was sent a link, a complete amigurumi course from scratch and it was this course that completely changed my way of doing amigurumi

The course is complete, delivered more than 500 graphics of beautiful amigurumis, and the best in Portuguese!

In addition, the course has every month draws of complete crochet kit, among them are

Thousands of people enrolled in the course and learned to make amigurumi from scratch, with lessons and step-by-step graphics, such as the ones below

When I enrolled in the course I had access to all of this
-Table to Learn to Read Charts and Recipes for Beginners
-Learn the Right Way to Wash Your Amigurumi Pieces
-Models of various categories for you to have a range of different parts
-Group VIP on facebook
– New graphics every week
-More than 2000 graphics in total

An economical view of the CROCHE sales trade
You will understand that there are a huge number of opportunities to start earning your extra income with pets made with the graphics
High Profit Margin
All parts are made over little use of wool, and can have a very fat profit margin on each product
Guaranteed Return on Investment
In the first month of sales of your work you already take away any investment made with amigurumis.
Product Pricing Worksheet
A Spreadsheet to calculate the exact cost of your croches and Win at the time of sale!
Sales Script's for Posts
You will receive an E-Book with all the best phrases and sales strategies for your posts
Strategies to further increase your Profitability
Use the most effective digital marketing strategies to increase your sales even more

I also started making money by selling the amigurumi that I do until today

And all this cost only $ 49.90!

So, you want to learn how to make amigurumis from scratch, step by step and earn some extra money? I will leave in the description the link with a super discount for you to enroll in the course

But attention! The vacancies are highly limited, so I recommend that you sign up as soon as possible

If you have any questions, leave it there in the comments that I will be answering as soon as possible! Thanks for watching by far, bye!

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Amigurumi Course DIY Amigurumi

Amigurumi Course

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