Amigurumi Pattern Amigurumi – Doll – Part 3/4


Hello!! In this video I bring the step by step of a super easy doll to make, and spending little material. The final size was 36cm, according to the material described below. Breathe in, unleash your creativity and make the modifications of your choice!
When your cuteness is ready, don't forget to tag me on social media. I will love to see the result. Hugs!


Amigurumi yarn in colors:
Blonde doll: boot and bow: 3157; skin: 7563; exit: 3046 and 3131; blouse: 6161; hair: 1317
Brunette doll: boot: 7220; skin: 7564; skirt: 6161 and 6614; blouse: 8176; loop: 6614; hair: 4095
(piece of mouth-colored thread, black thread for lashes),
Needle 3mm,
Silicone fiber for filling,
Galvanized wire for support,
Eyes with lock # 10,
Embroidery / tapestry needle,
Stones to finish the blouse (optional)

Credits: Doriane Pazzelo

amigurumi color chart:

Get inspired !!!

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DIY Amigurumi

Amigurumi - Doll - Part 3/4

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