Amigurumi Pattern 3d heart in crochet – Amigurumi – With recipe


Amigurumi 3D Heart in Crochet – Special Product For Kids parties, Souvenirs, Photo Essays, Wedding, Decorations in General.

Follow the Heart Recipe
 Top (make 2):
1. 6pb in the magic ring [6pts]
2. 6aum [12pts]
3. (1pb, 1aum) 6x [18pts]
4. (2pb, 1aum) 6x [24pts]
5-6. 24pb all around [24pts]
Finish and finish the first part. Do not cut the wire when the second wire ends.
 7. 24bp around the first part + 24bb around the second part [48pts]
8-10. 48pb all around [48pts]
11. (10pb, 1dim) 4x [44pts]
12. (9pb, 1dim) 4x [40pts]
13. 4pb, 1dim, (8pb, 1dim) 3x, 4pb [36pts]
14. (7pb, 1dim) 4x [32pts]
15. 3pb, 1dim, (6pb, 1dim) 3x, 3pb [28pts]
16. (5pb, 1dim) 4x [24pts]
17. 2bp, 1dim, (4pb, 1dim) 3x, 2bp [20pts]
18. (3pb, 1dim) 4x [16pts]
Fit the filler.
19. (2pb, 1dim) 4x [12pts]
20. (1pb, 1dim) 4x [8pts]
21. 4dim [4pts]
♥ DIY Amigurumi

3d heart in crochet - Amigurumi - With recipe

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