Amigurumi Knitting Puppy Luke – Part2 – Amigurumi Step by Step


If you were looking for a cute puppy to crochet just found it! This is Luke, I made it with the Amigurumi Line from the Circle and 2.5 mm needle and he was 35 cm tall. Luke loves games and not for a second.
His favorite pastime is not to let the cat sleep and if you talk about walking he will already run to the door wagging his tail.

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0:13 – Ears
5:23 – Puppy body
13:10 – Tail
14:20 – Leash
16:24 – Identification tag
17:38 – Assembly of the parts
22:20 – Embroidering eyes and mouth
26:25 – Closing

This original step by step was done with great care, I hope you enjoy crochet as much as I enjoyed creating 🙂

If you have any questions you can call me here or on the other social networks of glenegri.
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Designer: Gleir de Negri
Made with a lot of love and dedication! Amigurumi for Beginners

Puppy Luke - Part2 - Amigurumi Step by Step

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