Amigurumi Knitting Amigurumi classroom


Amigurumi: know the technique and learn how to make cute pets
You can create dolls to decorate the house or to increase your income!


In the Amigurumi Course, from the Craft category, you learn about the Japanese technique of amigurumi, from amigurumi anatomy, crochet basics to learning to make recipes for thrush, owl, sushis and more.

They are cute, full of color and, after a little training, not so difficult to do. Have you heard of amigurumi? From the Japanese ami, which means mesh, and nuigurumi, which means stuffed doll, it is an oriental technique of making pets with stitches of knitting or crochet. This creative work has already been successful in Japan for a long time, but it was only in recent years that it began to become more and more popular here in Brazil.

Being used as both decorative objects and children's toys, amigurumis generally mimic animal or human forms. They are handmade, in an artisan work that involves persistence and enough creativity.


The best part is that currently it is possible to find various recipes available to make the most beautiful little dolls. In addition, you can make custom amigurumis and sell to friends, colleagues or even over the internet, giving a complemented in your income.

Liked? Want to know more about this art and start creating it? So keep reading this post!

One of the biggest difficulties for anyone who is starting out in the art of amigurumi is to find recipes (also called graphics). This problem can be easily solved with Zero's Amigurumi ebook. This ebook has 450 graphics in Portuguese and several video lessons for you to further improve your technique.


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Amigurumi classroom

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