Amigurumi for Beginners Crochet crown


We started with 32 chainlets.

1 lap: 32 lows

2 lap: 32 low points

3 turns: Sliding point, 4 chains, 1 low point jumping back, now to make the next high point you must do it, jumping a point from the slipped point that you made at the beginning of the round, 1 chain, a low point backwards (where you did the slipped point)

Now repeat until the end: 1 point high forward jumping a point, 1 chain, 1 point high back jumping a point. You end up with slip stitch

4 turns: 6 Chainstones, you jump a block of crossed points, you make a slipped point in the middle of the next block of crossed points, 6 chain to repeat until the end. You end up with slip stitch

5 lap: We started doing in the 6 chains of the previous round: 4 low points, 3 chains, 1 slip on the first chain we made, we continue with four low points. We go to the next chain of 6 and we do the same until the end: 4 low points, 3 chains, 1 slipped point, 4 low points.

Once finished you can place it in a pass, or put it with hairpins.

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Crochet crown

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