Amigurumi Crochet Santa Claus crochet amigurumi Santa Claus crochet


acrylic 100 gr. (red, white, beige, black)
crochet No. 4,5
synthetic padding
woolen needle
EVA sheet of paper
tempera or colored markers
rev counter
plastic or wood stick



CAT chain cadaneta chainette coor

MB sc medium point maille serrèe pb

MA dc point entero bride pa

MMA hde medium point entero demi bride mpa

AUM inc augmenter augmenter aum

DIM dec menguar diminuer dim

MBSS sl st punto leventado petite maille serrée pbx

Hello to all friends of #lotshobbies, in this new video tutorial we will make this cute and pacioccone #babbonatale to the #uncinetto with the technique of #amigurumi.
The realization of the project requires a bit of patience in the end, but you will have the satisfaction of making a nice gift to your children, friends and relatives. It will also be an original #decoration of products that will embellish your home in an original way.
I hope you enjoy the #videotutorial, if you leave a nice LIKE, write a COMMENT, and support the INSCRIBING channel.
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Santa Claus crochet amigurumi Santa Claus crochet

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