Amigurumi Crochet Little Angel Amigurumi – Footsteps by Glê Negri


I love angels, they are a symbol of protection and care and give us a lot of peace and security. In today's class we will learn how to make this 11 cm tall amigurumi angel that can be used as a keychain, can be given as a souvenir or used to decorate your little grandson's room or even to put on the table at work.

Hope you enjoy and enjoy this step by step so much so I enjoyed creating it!

Use creativity and have fun giving your personal touch.

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2:54 – Materials that we will use
3:00 – How to make the little angel's head
8:25 – How to make the body
11:34 – How to do the Buster
23:50 – How to make the Cloak
26:20 – How to make the wings
33:17 – How to Make Hands and Arms
37:55 – How to do Hair
53:58 – How to Assemble Parts
55:20 – How to make the collar of the robe
57:20 – How to Embroider the Eyes
1:04:05 – How to embroider the nose

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Material list:
– Circle Amigurumi Lines (color suggestion):
 * Beige (to make the skin)
 * Off white (for the cloak)
 * Yellow (for hair)
– Brown embroidery line for the little eyes
– Crochet hook: 2 and 2.5mm
– Tapestry Needle
– Sewing or embroidery needle
– Point marker
– Feathering

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Designer: Gleir de Negri
Made with a lot of love and dedication! Amigurumi

Little Angel Amigurumi - Footsteps by Glê Negri

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