Amigurumi AMIGURUMI SNOWMAN (Part 2)


Hi! (You are in video 2)
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In this video lesson I bring the first amigurimi pattern here from Canal, the snowman, Nevinha 😁
I created this super cute pattern so you can give or sell for the Christmas season, because after all we still have several days to go, so comes the list of materials and hands-on❤
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DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY: 🤓Intermediate with knowledge of Amigurimi technique
📌 Maxi Color Number 6 Baroque Wire in White Circle Color
📌 Circle Mollet Yarn in color of choice for scarf
Circle Amigurumi Wire in Black
Circle Amigurimi Wire in Orange
Anch Anchor black embroidery thread, but you can use double stitching as an alternative to embroidery
📌Number crochet hooks 4mm for Baroque yarn and 2.25mm for Amigurumi yarn
EspecíficasSpecific needle for amigurimi sewing, or tapestry needles compatible with the threads to be used
📌 if you want to paste: I recommend Pegamil glue
📌 fabric like knitting thread or thick polyester, to make straight base of garment
1mm satin ribbon in color compatible with scarf
📌Career markers
📌 Marking pins with colored tip
📌Filling for preferably synthetic and anti-allergic amigurumi
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