Amigurumi 2 Delivery Cerdita amigurumi


It is the second installment of a total of three videos. You will find the free pattern to make a pig with the Amigurumi technique. You will learn to make: magic ring, increases, decreases, how to close your amigurumis, embroider eyes … while you will have fun.

Used materials:

Pink cotton for 3 mm needle, worked with 2.5 mm needle.

Pink Egyptian cotton, worked with needle Lady of the no. 3.


Pb: Low point
Pc: Chain stitch
Pm, mp: half a point
P: high point
Aum: Increases
Dec: Decreases
Pc: Chain stitch
Pe: Dwarf point or slipped point

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Music: Samba Isobel Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Amigurumi Knitting

2 Delivery Cerdita amigurumi

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